“Ma maison” is a French word which means“ my home” ‒ a place to celebrate special moments with family and loved ones in a cozy home-like ambience. For being 37 years in the business now, Akinori Singapore has expanded its horizon having 25 branches of its Ma Maison Restaurant in Japan and the Singapore.
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MA MAISONのこだわりOur Food Ingredients

MA MAISON means"MY HOME"in French At MA MAISON,we are more than a restaurant.
It is the place where you and your friends will enjoy original Home Recipes and Warm Hospitality.
Our Ambience will make you feel "At Home".
We hope you will enjoy your meals at MA MAISON.
Bon appetit!

Our Tonkotsu Soup Base gives a Flavourful taste.
It is specially cooked from Japan-imported pork bones,simmered for 10 hours to create a creamy white broth that is lighter than the rest. With our Secret Saucecombination(SHIO,SHOYU,MISO).
A unique bowl of MA MAISON Ramen.

This rich hand made "Gouda Cheese" is from Hanabatake Bokujo(Farm) in HOKKAIDO.

ROSU Katsu(Pork Loin)will be our BEST Recommendation for you.
HIRE Katsu(Pork Fillet)is the popular choice with the ladies.

Mild Salt Flavour
SHIO Tonkotsu soup has a mild flavor that enables you to drink to last drop.
A gentle taste that allows you to savour the ramen.

SOYA Sauce Flavour
A Classic type of soup base with a special rich-soya blend.
A definite must-try to maximise a succulent flavour of Chashu(Roasted Pork)

SOYBEAN Paste Flavour
A nutty,tangy kick that leaves an addictive complex taste undoubtly.
One of the Most well-loved version of Soup base all over the world.

A Unique way of marinating our meat.
Our"AGING"process that enhance the flavour from the pork and keep it juicy at the same time.